A strategic collaboration to challenge the status quo

At TenForce we love challenging the status quo to deliver the best products and services. Partnering with like-minded companies allows us to tap into our full potential and push boundaries to help our clients become groundbreakers in their fields.

You will see the proof of that in the lines below, the picture of a strong collaboration with Proximus that resulted in an ingenious software solution designed to resolve the challenges of dealing with an evolving distributed infrastructure.

RoSi Features and Functionalities

  • Planning
  • Dashboards & Reports
  • Works & Task Management
  • Safety management: Inspections
  • Material Management
  • Cost Management
  • Document Management
  • Automated Alerts
  • Email Notifications
  • IoT integration (LoRa)
  • Photo upload and annotations
  • Mobile & offline access
  • APIs

TenForce Trace: an ad-free mobile app fully integrated with RoSi

From the moment we launched RoSi our focus has always been to provide solutions for a smarter workplace. Inspired by the needs of our clients we launched TenForce Trace, the first stand-alone mobile app in the TenForce family. Our customers now have an easy-to-use, ad-free app to take and annotate pictures and better share information with team members.

Completely integrated with RoSi, you can use it daily to:

  • Add pictures to document on-site events, markup important content and add them to their projects;
  • Visually document the before start and after completion state of a work on a construction site;
  • Add annotated pictures to support digital site surveys.

Keeping the Momentum Going

Together with Proximus, TenForce is working hard to bring the next generation of software solutions on the market and increase the number of companies adopting a new way of working. Here are the stories of some of our customers.

HB Plus & the De Lijn Bus Stop Team

Since Proximus is a reseller of the TenForce solution it can offer the benefits of TenForce through other channels, like the HB+ frame contract with the Flemish Government.

The TenForce solution is part of the official HB+ offering. De Lijn and soon after them Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer of the Flemish Government bought the solution. Today they can efficiently manage their infrastructure. Soon other departments of the Flemish Government will follow.

More information about HB Plus here.

De Lijn works hard to guarantee the quality and accessibility of the bus stops. Using a tablet, the “bus stop team” regularly evaluates the quality, accessibility and exact location of the bus stops. They do this using the RoSi solution provided by TenForce.

Read the full story (NL).


Proximus is a founding member of PoWalCo, together with other founding members: Aquawal, Elia, Nethys, the Walloon Region and ORES. TenForce is a pivotal member (together with Altran and GIM) of the consortium delivering the central platform to allow the planning of work sites in the public space, their coordination and the management of permits.

This portal, which is available for all Cable and Pipe operators and their counterparts responsible for roadways, will enable the various parties involved to coordinate with each other. This will reduce the number of worksites on the public roads and improve their safety.



Synductis coordinates the infrastructure works of several utility companies in Flanders. Founding members are De Watergroep, Eandis, Farys, infrax, IWVA IWVB and Pidpa. Synductis uses the TenForce solution to plan and synchronize roadworks.


Collaborating for future-proof progress: Cognitive Solutions, Big Data, Machine Learning and A.I.

To keep on pushing its boundaries, TenForce keeps an eye out for promising technologies that can change the way we do business.

In a highly-controlled environment like manufacturing or a construction site being able to track equipment, people and what they’re doing is critical to workplace safety. With current technology, it is now possible to digitize real-world environments, using cognitive services, mobile devices, cameras and IoT sensors.

Currently, TenForce is looking into combining visual and voice recognition software with its own software solution and its knowledge of Big Data and Machine Learning, aiming to improve the software solution it provides to its customers.

Using A.I. for workplace safety, you can search the real world for people, objects, and activities and apply policies to them to improve health & safety on site. Communication with such a system can be done by a chatbot. It allows you to track people or objects in your production plant or on your construction site and to apply policies to them, e.g. to give workers authority to handle specific tools available on a construction site. Such a system could also track who is trained to use specific tools and who last used it, so this means we can use this technology to ensure projects are meeting regulations.

Big Data & Privacy Research Project

TenForce’s data team, Dacota One, pulled Proximus on board of an extremely interesting EC-funded research project on big data and privacy: SPECIAL. The project kicked off in January 2017.

Special is part of a series of research activities funded through the EC Horizon 2020 to investigate diverse aspects of innovative technologies like big data.

Other members of the research partnership include Deutsch Telekom, Thomson Reuters and leading universities from France, Germany and Austria.

The SPECIAL project will address the tension between Big Data innovation and privacy-aware data protection by proposing a technical solution that makes both of these goals realistic.

The project will develop technology that:

  • supports the acquisition of user consent at collection time and the recording of both data and metadata (consent, policies, event data, context) according to legislative and user-specified policies;
  • caters for privacy-aware, secure workflows that include usage/access control, transparency, and compliance verification;
  • demonstrates robustness in terms of performance, scalability, and security - all of which are necessary to support privacy preserving innovation in Big Data environments;
  • provides a dashboard with feedback and control features that make privacy in Big Data comprehensible and manageable for individuals involved, regulators, brokers, and consumers.

SPECIAL shall allow people and organizations to share more knowledge while guaranteeing data protection compliance, thus enabling both trust and the creation of valuable new insights from shared data.

Find out more about Dacota One