June 1 — June 2 2017

Summer Training Session: TenForce Key User Training June 2017

Join us for a course designed for those TenForce users who want to improve their efficiency in working with our software and gain a rich understanding of the core mechanics of our product.

Why take this training?

Subscribe for a 2 days interactive workshop and acquire the necessary skills to manage data, extract data-based overviews, and optimize your daily activities with TenForce. You will learn how to create awesome filters and find specific information faster. The course is structured as a mix of theory and hands-on workshop and everybody will have the chance to ask questions related to specific day-to-day scenarios.

At the end of the 2-day course, you will receive a personalized certificate after passing a brief test. The certification will enable you to follow the next level of the TenForce training program. Certified users are also empowered to act as a coach for their fellow-colleagues.

Good to know

For this training, you’ll need no formal prerequisites. However, having a basic working knowledge

of the TenForce software is a great asset for the participant.

For more details check the full course description.


Course schedule

Day 1: Learn the basic features of TenForce

  • Understand the application structure
  • Learn how to add work items to TenForce
  • Understanding the details of a particular item
  • Learn how to create an overview of your work items
  • Discover how to personalize overviews and update items to your needs
  • Tips & tricks to optimize work speed

Day 2: Working with data using TenForce

  • Search for work items
  • Discover how to tune your smartlists
  • Learn how to share your overviews with colleagues
  • Export data to Excel and create well structured templates
  • Tips & tricks to optimize work speed
  • Certification Test
Key trainers
Jetro Wils
TenForce, Product Owner