Challenges (and answers) when starting with Scrum in a corporate environment

PMI Chapter event | 9-Mar-2011
Speaker: Jan Van den Nieuwenhof

Elewijt Center


High level understanding on how to introduce Scrum in a traditional IT governance environment.
Better understanding of the risks and pitfalls.


Attendees will

  • Get a real life story of a Scrum roll-out
  • Understand the challenges of introducing Scrum in a waterfall environment
  • Recieve at least 10 pieces of pragmatic tangible advice (Tips and Tricks)
  • Understand the extension of the Scrum approach in a off-shore/distributed teams environment.


  • Project managers
  • Team leaders
  • People interested in Agile and Scrum projects or implementations



Our approach, experience, lessons learned, impediments encountered in our journey to insert the Agile philosophy into the DNA of our customer (BEL20 company).

We'll talk about how to get started, how to create the hype, how we dealt with distributed and off-shore teams, how we took the financial governance hurdles and adapted fixed price contracts, what was and is hindering our progress and how we tried to solve them, how we integrate with the overall project and program governance en reporting, ...

And we will also present some facts and figures that we gathered during our pilot projects.


Jan Van den Nieuwenhof (PMP, CSP, Prince2 practitioner).

An experienced Agile Project Manager and ScrumMaster, managing projects for more than 10 years using all kinds of methodologies (PMBok, Scrum, PLC, Prince2) in diffirent settings (from big corporations to small start-ups, from heavy weight governance to light weight/non governed projects).
Currently working as Agile coach and Project Manager helping the development department (+2000 people) of a big BEL20 company in their transition from waterfall to Scrum project mode.


Date: 09/03/2011
Start-time: 19:00
End-time: 21:00
Location: Elewijt Center (

TenForce PMI event

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