Creating a company tagline

Recently we were looking for a new tagline. Obviously we did some research on how to do this. We thought it would be a nice idea to share the result here.

Even if you wanted to, there is now way around them. Taglines...

Everyone of us surely knows one or two by heart. Some famous examples.

  • Got Milk?
  • Think different
  • Just do it!
  • We try harder...

A list of +360 taglines can be viewed here...

When creating a tagline it is important to focus on the specific elements you want to emphasize. A tagline is usually a short concise statement so you will not have a lot of room to express what you want to expose to the outside world, as effectively as possible.

Define the target response.

What is the goal you are reaching for with your tagline? What do you want your audience to think or say?

Gather information (brainstorm) 

Make a selection of keywords or phrases that describe your company or the product you are writing the tagline for. One (or an additional) way of doing this is to look up words in a dictionary and search for other uses of these words or cross-references to other words. 

Use that list to generate ideas.

create a company tagline


Look at taglines of other company’s. Try and find out why what makes them work or fail.

When you are in a brainstorm session, create a list with the top favorites chosen by the attending people in the room.

Then play with the words using rhyming or alliteration.

Make your tagline memorable

Some of the best taglines are brought in an unusual, quirky or simply funny way so people will imprint it into their memory, even if they've seen or heard the tagline only once or twice.

On the other hand... 

Don’t overdo it!


People tend to remember simple taglines. Don’t make them think (usability is a b*tch).

You also want as much people as possible to understand your tagline, not just a few.

Keep away from trendy buzzwords that are hip at the time. By the time they’re common good, they are ancient history.

It must be said, there is an exception to this rule. 

Same rule as in writing content, write for your audience. If you want to reach a younger audience, it probably is a good idea to use some slang or bring in a hip buzz-word to get attention. When you want to reach a customer-based audience its better to bring in a product or business related reference. 

Don't use complicated terminology and sentence construction. Instead use words that start with the same letter(s), sound the same or even rhyme. 

Taglines that use well-known language and common terminology are well received by larger demographics and are effective in reaching more customers.

Where are you going with this?

The platform or medium for delivering a tagline will play an important role in the way it will be received by the audience.

Taglines used on radio or television have the advantage of diction and intonation. The way a tagline is "brought" will influence the way it will be received.

Taglines used online or in print need a specific construction so people will remember what they read or realize what exactly the company is doing.

The first draft...

Once you have your first draft. set them aside for a while.

Come back and review them again. (Repeat this process if necessary). You’ll probably make some changes.

Once you’ve got, you will know it!

Mini Market Research

Yes, this is it!

At this stage of the process, it is important to let it out into the open for the first time. Show it to a small audience. Preferably some people who are not accustomed to the company or product and some who are.

If they do not provide you with the response you wished for...start over!

Otherwise...let the world know who you are...

The TenForce Tagline 

It took us some time to realize the main theme of your tagline. As of its inception, TenForce has been focusing on delivering solutions. Our project management product was positioned against the big names in the industry. We realized it could only succeed by offering a competitive product with better targeted features that could be deployed faster. We show everyone it is a “Pragmatic” product.

TenForce Logo Tagline

It is a concept that sticks, often prospects and customers start to take over that term to describe their preferred way of implementing a solution. Many have had bad experiences with projects that cost too much, take too long to implement and deliver too little value.

So the term “Pragmatic Project Management” became our product’s tagline.

From there to “TenForce, The Pragmatic Company” was only a small step. We are now applying that same approach to implementing semantic technology applications. This is a field where a lot of technical jargon is used. The discussions are overly technically biased.  Yet customers, often not aware of the finer nuances of the latest W3C developments, want a solution for their business problem. Applying a pragmatic approach here combines translating the technical features into working solutions and delivering it fast in a simple and easy to understand language.

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