TenForce in top 5 of "Famous Semantic Projects"

Since 3 years now TenForce is working on a large scale project for Wolters Kluwer. Dave Wood mentions it in his newly published book called ‘Linking Enterprise Data’ as one of the top five real-world success stories. These projects show how Semantic Technology is applied to real-world information management issues faced by enterprises. With success!

Our project at Wolters Kluwer LTRE

The Legal, Tax and Regulatory department of Wolters Kluwer is one of the world’s biggest legal publishers and has dozens of publishing units. These units publish to vertical markets and use different formats to mark the content. But this content is in fact shared across the units, so standardizing the content formats could improve the publishing process tremendously. An OWL ontology was created to govern the entire solution, by modeling what legal metadata is and how the related documents can behave. The legal content itself is represented as RDF and XHTML and published through a performant XSLT pipeline.


Find out more about other projects we did at Wolters Kluwer here.

Other famous semantic projects

In his book Dave Wood gives an overview of projects where semantic technologies were successfully applied to solve real-world information management issues.

Here’s the list of other projects that won the selection into his book:

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) promotes the use of Semantic Web standards to improve information sharing within a global network of research institutes, in the battle of defeating hunger and eliminating poverty worldwide.

Semantic Web Technologies are used to enable consumers to find and understand what personal information is in the public domain about them and manage how their identities appear online.

The Cleveland Clinic uses Semantic web technologies to orchestrate their work of entering data on patient records into a research registry.

The BBC uses Semantic Web Technologies to make it easy for users to locate items of interest and to draw coherent journeys across them, despite the growing amount of online content.

Third position in the list was taken by the TenForce project at Wolters Kluwer LTRE. Well, not that bad company to be among…

Find the book

If you recognize yourself as someone – and I quote the Amazon description – who’s “concerned about the scalability, flexibility and robustness of information management systems”, you should definitely read the entire book! But even for the more regular type of humans among us it is available online and on Amazon.

Linking Enterprise Data

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