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Java application architect

We are looking for a Java application architect. 
Geek, passionate architect, semantically intrigued, mild craziness is helpful.

How Turn Dry Statistics into Discussions on Twitter

Four years ago we were standing in the offices of DG INSFO, the European Commission ministry of information and networks currently called DG Connect, for a first meeting on what is today the Digital Agenda Scoreboard.

The world famous trade fair Arbeitsschutz Aktuell in Frankfurt, Germany

TenForce is present at the world famous trade fair Arbeitsschutz Aktuell in Frankfurt, Germany from 25-28 /08. 

TenForce at Making Metadata Work

On Monday June the 23rd TenForce presents a case study at the Joint Meeting of ISKO UK (UK Chapter of the International Society for Knowledge Organization), IRSG (Information Retrieval Special Interest Group of BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT) and DCMI (Dublin Core Metadata Initiative) in London.

Linked (Open) Data in e-Government and Commercial Publishing 

Two ongoing projects underlining the Semantic Technology expertise are:                                        

— Linked Open Data 2 (LOD2)


European Interoperability at Work

On Wednesday October 23rd the 2 day “ESCO Goes Live” conference starts in Brussels. Hundreds of people from  different member states, many organisations and the EC itself will attend the unveiling of the ESCO taxonomy.

Data, Food Safety and the EU

Since the beginning of 2013, the EU is making available pointers to its data on the EU Open Data Portal The portal is being operated by the Publications Office, and contains pointers to data from many different EU organizations such as the European Commission, or the European Investment Bank.

Who remembers EDP?

TenForce has been successfully implementing software solutions that are the backbones for content and data processing for over a decade now. TenForce Projects are ranging from the "old SQL and XML ways", to the current RDF era, but also preparing for the future as being a member of the FP7 funded LOD2 project.

pmOperation is on Prenne fair in Genk and Secura in Brussels

Wacht niet tot morgen wat je vandaag kan doen...

ook met pmOperation

Beste HSEQ specialist,
Bezoekt u op 7 maart ook Prenne in Genk?

EC Digital Agenda Scoreboard by TenForce and University of Leipzig

We are proud to have been able to deliver a updated and upgrade version of the Digital Agenda Scoreboard. Together with the University of Leipzig and based on OpenLink Software triple store Virtuoso we built this dashboard for the European Commission DG Information Society

The wonderful life of Brian, the data set

A data set is digital representation of some human knowledge.  A good metaphor for the process of creating and managing datasets is that of a life of a person Brian.


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