8 • 3 • 2016

Cava, Sandwiches and Practical HSEQ Insights from Monument Chemical

Last week TenForce held its first lunch networking session in Kallo, port of Antwerp together with Monument Chemical, our happy customer, welcoming a very nice crowd of HSEQ specialists. The atmosphere was warm and friendly and the air was thick with love for sandwiches, of course!

We kicked off the session with Bastiaan Deblieck from TenForce. He shared insights on how the adoption of mobile, digitally empowered operations in HSEQ will finally lead to smart factories with great diagnose capabilities, incident prediction, intelligent assets, real-time status reporting and even augmented reality with 3D asset visualization. The factory of the future will be smart, connected, augmented and highly transparent. Switching to a mobile and digital way of conducting HSEQ operations it’s the first step to help the future happen.

With our imagination running wild about all those futuristic capabilities, the meeting was truly anchored up by Monument Chemical’s presentation. Peter Jacobs, EHS Delivery Leader and Leen Props, Quality Assurance Coordinator shared a detailed and on-point overview on how they employ TenForce to improve their HSEQ management process. We send them a big “thank you” for that!

Now, we’ll not be modest, Monument Chemical is in love with TenForce and we were very proud to host an event in which one of our customers happily shared their positive experience. Leen and Peter did a great job in presenting their journey from using multiple nonintegrated systems, Excel sheets and e-mail to manage their HSEQ operations to one centralized and automated system that helped them reduce the consequential damage incidents by 50%.

The audience was delighted and eager to find more about how the lessons learned by Monument Chemical can apply to their business processes, so we had a long and interesting Q&A session in which we debated a lot of case-specific questions. It was not just a regular event with some presentations, it was really about hands-on experience and knowledge sharing.

To wrap it up, we send our thanks to all those present and for those who could not make it this time we hope to welcome you at the following event!

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