Accelerating Digital Transformation of Governments

A digital world demands digital governments. Nowadays, leaders at every level face an urgent question: with limited resources, how can they deliver services that engage citizens and delight them?
TenForce is an active partner in driving digital government innovations in areas like mobility, analytics, linked open data, and social platforms. Our clients are working to improve workforce mobility, provide increased transparency, citizen engagement and empowered decision making while keeping poise to address the policies and organizational challenges of tomorrow.

From Policy to Action:

Advance citizen engagement, plan and act for their needs.

TenForce overhauls, links and enriches your data to improve and extend its usability. We are a team of content experts with background in history, arts and linguistics or brainy knowledge engineers and data scientists with academic ties and strong interest in innovation, tech experiments and research projects.

We combine over 15 years of experience in the field of Semantic Technologies, Big Data and Machine Learning with a boundless interest for new technologies to ensure your data reaches its full potential.

15 years of experience in the field of Semantic Technologies, Big Data and Machine Learning


Interoperability and Data Integration

Our multi-disciplinary team will harmonize content from different repositories, including multilingual ones, by establishing connections and applying standards to create a single point of entry for content users.

Vocabulary and Taxonomy Management

Search technology, automatic classification and thesaurus, taxonomies and ontologies. You have a big volume of data, but not the right structure to it? We are particularly experienced in classifying sets of information with different kind of relations between the concepts. We will grow your taxonomy tree strong as an oak!

Content Creation

Our multidisciplinary, multilingual team creates, enriches, improves and publishes multi-format content for thesauri, taxonomies, and policies that can be translated into technology.

Linked Open Data

Design and implementation of tools and methodologies to better exploit the Web as a platform for data and information sharing and integration.


We aggregate and enrich content from multiple sources of information, and feed it into a portal or another platform for consultation


Data Science and Cognitive Computing

Public-sector leaders are starting to think about how artificial intelligence might be able to help improve service delivery to citizens. Cognitive computing is bound to be a key tool in predicting citizen needs and we master the right technologies to help government and public sector institutions to better serve citizens.

Knowledge Extraction And Cognitive Search

Semantic search platforms can help organizations and professionals search for and find the information they need to successfully do their jobs. TenForce has the capability of building highly scalable platforms to analyze the world’s largest unstructured data sets identifying the relationships between word, phrases, and categories without the need for human intervention.

TenForce provides conceptually and contextually relevant search to users all while actively learning and dynamically adapting to new content.

Big Data

Every second massive streams of unstructured data are generated from emails, social media sites, smartphones, sensors, wearable electronics, and many other sources. The magnitude, variety, and velocity of unstructured data is staggering. Trying to make sense of all the input and find the right information feels rather like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Machine Learning

Using algorithms that iteratively learn from data, machine learning allows computers to find hidden insights without being explicitly programmed where to look. Artificial intelligence and machine learning-powered platforms make it possible to quickly and automatically produce models that can analyze bigger, more complex data and deliver faster, more accurate results. The result? High-value predictions that can guide better decisions and smart actions in real time without human intervention.

Cognitive Analytics

Cognitive technologies have been around for years; what’s new is the advancement in processing power that makes applying these technologies more feasible for quickly answering complex questions. A cognitive system can provide real-time answers to questions posed in natural language by searching through massive amounts of information that have been entered into its knowledge base, making sense of context, and computing the most likely answer. As developers and users “train” the system, answers become more reliable and increasingly precise over time.

Data is useful only if you use it intelligently.

Here is an overview of our work:


European Commission. ESCO: Improving workforce mobility throughout the EU

The European Skills, Competences and Occupations (ESCO) taxonomy is a key element in the policy to considerably improve the matching of jobs with vacancies throughout Europe.

Within this project TenForce is designing, developing and managing a multilingual taxonomy of European skills, competences, qualifications and occupations to help DG EMPL foster labour mobility across EU member states.


Eurozone Inflation: Increasing the Added Value EUROSTAT Provides to European Citizens

To measure inflation across E.U., various National Statistical Institutes (NSI) across Europe compile scanner data generated by point-of-sales terminals in retail shops.

These NSIs define their own methodologies for linking scanner data to ECOICOP (European Classification of Individual Consumption according to Purpose) and identifying product replacements (i.e. “relaunches”). The objective of the project was to offer a common and multilingual methodology to NSIs currently not using scanner data to streamline and increase the volume of processed data by relying on AI-driven approaches. The result improved the quality level for HCICP output.


NATO Leverages the TenForce Semantic Technology Expertise

TenForce participated in a NATO NCIA research project investigating solutions to facilitate information sharing among NATO information systems. Within this objective NATO NCIA applies semantic technologies to support mapping of information semi-automatically between their data sharing protocols. TenForce contributed in the design of the specification language for this mapping.


CODI-2: EU Open Data Strategy. Encouraging transparency and accountability of EU’s Institutions.

CODI-2 is a 2nd phase in the implementation of the Council of the EU Open Data strategy. CODI-2 solution for publishing Linked Open Data for the Council is a continuation of the solution applied in CODI-1. The TenForce team prepared the data to be published on the open data platform.The EU open data portal aims to promote the innovative use of the data and unleash their economic potential. It also aims to help encourage the transparency and accountability of the EU's institutions and other EU bodies.

Research And Innovation

In order to build advanced, sustainable solutions TenForce operates in close collaboration with the academic world and related research institutions. These offer new valuable insights and innovative technology. In the past this collaboration was informal; the last couple of years this collaboration materialized in actual research projects. TenForce is considered a valuable consortium partner bringing business challenges and expertise as a software integrator to the consortiums.


Big Data Europe - Integrating Big Data, software & communities for addressing Europe’s societal challenges

Large amounts of data are being produced permanently, and when these are analyzed and interlinked they have the potential to create new knowledge and intelligent solutions for economy and society. Big Data can make important contributions to the technical progress in our societal key sectors and help shape business. Big Data Europe undertakes the foundational work for enabling European companies to build innovative multilingual products and services based on semantically interoperable, large-scale, multi-lingual data assets and knowledge, available under a variety of licenses and business models.


LOD2 - Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked Data

TenForce was a key partner in the LOD2 initiative. The goal of the LOD2 project is to develop infrastructure technology and best practices that fill the chasm between structured-linked-data and applied model logic & reasoning, en route redefining the Web as we know it. In doing so, LOD2 will integrate and syndicate linked data with large-scale existing applications and showcase the benefits in three application scenarios including Media & Publishing, Corporate Data Intranets and eGovernment.



SPECIAL is part of a series of research activities funded through the EC Horizon 2020 to investigate diverse aspects of innovative technologies like big data. Other members of the research partnership include Proximus, Deutsche Telekom, Thomson Reuters and leading universities from France, Germany and Austria.

The SPECIAL project will address the tension between Big Data innovation and privacy-aware data protection by proposing a technical solution that makes both of these goals realistic.


Your Data Stories: Finding, Analysing and Visualising Open Data

YourDataStories wants to develop the required software stack that will enable the Open Government Data (OGD) to reach citizens in their everyday online life, inside the digital social interaction they are already familiar with, acquiring a significant role in citizen’s social activity.

How can you benefit from our expertise?

TenForce delivers services in a pragmatic manner. We are technology agnostic, experts in open source software and develop custom implementations that fit into our clients’ business landscape

Technologies we master

We use cutting-edge technologies, both open source and closed source. Our projects can be completely built using open source. Our experienced engineers are eager to innovate, they use the industry’s best practices and tools. We build products that matter and last.


JAVA, Ruby, Javascript, Python, PHP, Spring, EmberJS, ES6, XSLT, Rails, Phoenix

Data & Formats



Ubuntu Linux, Suse, Windows, Docker


OWL, RDFS, SKOS, Dublin Core, FOAF, DCAT, VOID, Data Cube, SWRL


EDCAT, VAADIN, Mondeca Virtuoso Universal Server

Bastiaan Deblieck
Chief Commercial Officer