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10 modules. One tool.
All Actions from different sources in one unique platform.
Automate information flow. View all necessary data to take the right decisions in time.

pmOperation gathers all actions, incidents, changes, tasks and becomes the unique information platform. It gives your organisation the necessary data in one view. Our software will allow you to make the right decisions in a timely manner. The overflow of information will no longer be an issue as pmOperation gathers all data into a centralised base. That data is then distributed to the necessary parties. It guarantees safe and reliable operations. All paperwork disappears, and all information data is stored safely into a database, which is easily accessible by designated users

For companies that.
  • Need to be ready for an audit, pmOperation guarantees full traceability.
  • Have to increase visibility on incidents and activities.
  • Work with Process Safety Management regulations.
  • Want to perform better and faster-without increasing costs.
  • Need to optimise workload distribution.