28 • 8 • 2017

TenForce Trace is Now Available in Google Play Store!

From the moment we launched TenForce our focus has always been to provide solutions for a smarter workplace. We empower workers to do their jobs better, faster and be more efficient. Inspired by the needs of our clients we launched TenForce Trace, the first stand-alone mobile app in the TenForce family.

You now have an easy-to-use, ad-free app to take and annotate pictures and better share information with your team members

Completely integrated with TenForce, you can use the app to:

  • Capture findings during audits and maintenance inspections, easily highlight critical points of interest, share the information with your colleagues and link it to the right action item in TenForce.
  • Capture visuals to document incidents or CAPAs, make the necessary annotations, share them with the relevant people and include it as supporting material to your projects in TenForce;
  • Add pictures to document on-site events, markup important content add them to your TenForce projects;
  • Visually document the before start and after completion state of a work on a site;
  • Add annotated pictures to support your digital site surveys.