June 8 — June 9 2017

Certified TenForce Admin Practitioner Training – Summer Session

TenForce HQ, Leuven | 1.100 EUR VAT EXCL

Join us for an advanced course designed for those  interested in customizing TenForce to match their business process, as well as administrators who want to gain a better understanding of the advanced mechanics of the product.

Why take this training?

Following this training will enable you to configure workspaces, customize your own processes using advanced workflows techniques and automation, and master advanced user management. The course is structured as a mix of theory and hands-on workshop and everybody will have the chance to ask questions related to specific day-to-day scenarios.

At the end of the 2-day course, the trainees will receive a personalized certificate after passing a brief test.

Good to know

The participant must be a Certified TenForce Admin Foundation user or must have at least 2 years of hands-on experience with TenForce in an administrator role: e.g. understanding workspaces and list configurations, and being able to configure workflows.



Course schedule

Day 1: Configure and manage workspaces

  • Setup workspaces
  • Manage list configurations
  • Define statuses and workflows
  • Define events and actions
  • Learn the user management system to allow the right group of people to work on your data
  • Convert workspace privilege setups
  • Grant workspace accesses to the right people
  • Tips & tricks to optimize work speed

Day 2: Master advanced user management

  • Assign list access
  • Deny execute privileges to workflows and actions
  • Define status privileges
  • Protect and hide content on items
  • Setup application roles
  • Tips & tricks to optimize work speed
  • Certification test
Key trainers
Bart Peremans
TenForce, Project Coordinator