28 • 9 • 2015

An occupational safety and health management software is good for you, and it’s good for your business!

There is a growing pressure on businesses to have clean operations in a transparent manner, while employees are provided better working environments for their health and safety at work. It has become crucial to own a fully integrated Environmental, Health, Safety and Quality [EHSQ] management software system which covers all operations.

Some Stats!

  • Each year, 4000 people die at work in the US.
  • Each year, 3 million serious accidents happen at work in the US.
  • 25% of the workforce think their work environment has a negative effect on their health.
  • Across the US, these issues’ overall costs exceed € 400 Billion.

What are the 6 core EHSQ practices? And why do you need to cover all of them and not just one of them!

  1. Environmental Management
    1. The process and generation of the necessary reports to comply with environmental regulations.
  2. Safety Management
    1. Tracking safety incidents, managing observations, performing safety audits, initiating corrective actions, aggregating, reporting and analyzing the collected safety data and training employees on safe work practices and occupational hazards.
  3. Risk Assessments & Analysis
    1. Assessing and analyzing processes and materials for potential risks whilst applying and supporting different risk analysis methodologies.
  4. Product Safety
    1. Managing the use, handling and transportation of hazardous materials through safety datasheets.
  5. Health Management
    1. Managing the data and processes associated with employee health in work setting while monitoring the work place.
  6. Process Management
    1. Managing, collecting and analyzing the constant flow of information and ensuring the processes and operations are being tracked efficiently.

Covering up one of these practices may be a priority, however the return on investment with a fully integrated EHSQ system is too great to pass upon as performances and outcomes are optimized and the corporate image remains clean and friendly.

How we have been helping for over a decade:

  • TenForce keeps itself ahead of technological advancements – we have realized a web-based system just isn’t enough anymore. With more employees on the road, working underground, in wifi free zones, we decided to develop an offline version which automatically feeds collected data into the company’s system [once reconnected].
  • All web-based data can be instantly seen by all authorized users, the data can be processed and analyzed instantly to make the right decisions.
  • An entire EHSQ system can be rolled out in 6-8 weeks.
  • We have never had a single serious incident happen on our watch to any of our customers!