19 • 8 • 2015

Are you doing EHS Management correctly?

Get familiar with the 6 Practices & 10 Modules.

Throughout the last couple of decades, there has been a natural evolution within the EHS Market. This led to the development of 6 core management practices. These 6 practices are now the center of attention for companies which want to comply with the new regulations, while caring for the workers’ safety and remaining incident free. Pending on the different type of activities certain practices will need to be implemented.

The 6 Practices:

Environmental Management

Also referred to as EMS, it is the management of your processes and the necessary creation of reports to comply with environmental regulations in a systematic, planned, comprehensive and documented manner.

TenForce’s Incidents, Audits and REACH modules fully cover the Environmental Management practice.

Human activity across all industries need to comply with their environmental regulations. Implementing these three modules will cover all actions from certifications to auditing.

Safety Management

The practice that will ensure that all safety risks have been identified, assessed and mitigated in the correct manner. There are 6 important actions to cover:

  • Track safety incidents
  • Manage observations
  • Perform safety audits
  • Initiate corrective actions
  • Aggregate, report and analyze the collected safety data
  • Train employees on safe work practices and occupational hazards

TenForce’s Audits, Incidents, Permits & Isolation, Competence Management and Management of Change modules will fully cover Safety Management.

All companies across different industries need to ensure all safety risks are identified, assessed and mitigated. These five core modules will allow each step of all projects to be performed and controlled under the right regulations, and the right set of eyes.

Risk Assessments & Analysis

As part of implementing EHS management across your company, it will be crucial to assess and analyze processes and materials for potential risks. Identifying those and creating preventive actions will be key to remain incident free. It is important to apply and support different risk analysis methodologies across different activities.

TenForce’s Audits, Incidents, Permits & Isolation, MoC, and Maintenance Inspections Modules will fully cover Risk Assessments & Analysis.

These five core modules will ensure all data is collected, centralized and ready to be processed for finished, ongoing and projected activities.

Product Safety

Manage the use, handling & transportation of hazardous materials. Author and manage safety datasheets. The Product Safety practice is designed to protect people from risks associated with the numerous activities they perform every day using different tools and machinery.

TenForce’s Complaint Handling, REACH and Process Documentation modules will fully cover Product Safety.

In terms of protecting employees and acting upon safety measures, these tools will enable risk prevention and follow up.

Health Management

Health management is the practice that provides leadership and direction for organizations to deliver health security measures to divisions, departments, units, or services within the company.

Manage the data and processes associated with employee health in a work setting. Monitor the work place.

TenForce’s Competence Management, Process Documentation and Incidents modules will fully cover Health Management.

Different departments, units, services require skilled employees. Under the right leadership and direction, companies need to be fully prepared to operate and perform specific tasks and projects. The modules will provide transparency and visibility using the correct tools for the right actions.

Process Management

The ensemble of activities of planning and monitoring the performance of a business process in an incident-free manner. Managing, collecting and analyzing the constant flow of information, and keeping track of processes and operations are the two valuable activities for process management.

TenForce’s Process Documentation, Permits & Isolation and Day-to-Day Operations & Logs modules will fully cover Process & Operations Management.

All activities from planning and monitoring the performance of any business process will be registered and tracked accurately.