7 • 12 • 2016

INOVYN Automates Management of Change to Achieve Operational Excellence and Improve Cost Performance /TenForce Networking Sessions

Here we are, just a few days after our 4th TenForce Networking Session, an event series that is already becoming a tradition for us and our special guests. This time we welcomed Dirk Gyzels and Bert Schietekat from INOVYN Manufacturing Belgium, who offered our audience a comprehensive overview of their TenForce implementation and their internal challenges and solutions for common pains related to incident management, audits, and management of change.

Constantly challenging the status quo

We firmly believe that a good software product is one that is continuously growing and adapting to the users’ needs and the reality of the industries it serves. This is why Jetro Wils, our Product Owner, opened the session by presenting the latest improvements of TenForce and the roadmap for the upgrades to come.

To sum it up, the latest improvements focused on performance and we will next target IoT, user experience, mobile and a secret project that we can’t disclose for now.

By the way, did you know that Jetro is one of the most determined and consistent status quo challengers out there? His team just completed the 245th performance milestone. For us this was an internal record, to say the least. Kudos to our great development team to show such grit in making sure TenForce never ceases to get better and better and deliver the features our clients need to minimize risk, increase their operational productivity and keep their employees safe.

INOVYN Manufacturing Belgium: lessons learned from transitioning to automated Management of Change

As many of you already know, INOVYN Manufacturing Belgium (previously known as a Solvay group company) is a chemical manufacturing company that ranks among the top 3 worldwide.

As an employer of more than 4,300 people with 18 manufacturing sites in 8 countries, INOVYN Manufacturing Belgium focuses on enterprise-wide operational excellence and maintains high EHS and regulatory compliance standards. Therefore, the company is always on the lookout for ways to innovate and mitigate risks inherent in the chemical industry.

After partnering with TenForce for automating Actions, Incidents, and Audits Management, INOVYN Manufacturing Belgium shifted the focus to the key area of tackling multi-step workflows involved in managing change. Automating MoC meant breaking down silos, enabling teams to effectively coordinate MoC requests and streamlining the change management life cycle (including change request initiation, verification, and closure).

The main topics addressed by Dirk and Bert were:

  • How INOVYN Manufacturing Belgium was managing MoC before, what triggered the change and what was their decision process in choosing the right tool;
  • Steps taken to prepare the transition and restructuring the internal workflows;
  • Best practices to overcome barriers that may stall the implementation process;
  • Results & improvements;

As a bonus for those that were there, Bert gave a very detailed explanation of how they structured their MoC workflows. The company put a lot of attention on having all necessary steps in check and agreed upon in order to make the best out of automating MoC with TenForce.

On the spot TenForce Live Demo

The cherry on top was our guests using their TenForce MoC configuration right in front of the audience. There’s no better proof and reward for our efforts than seeing customers happily presenting how they use our software without fearing a system failure.

The Q&A session was supposed to formally start after Dirk and Bert finished their presentations, of course. However, during the  demo, at least three questions were popping up with every click of a button. The people in the room were really interested in learning more about how Inovyn Manufacturing Belgium manages changes and how much are their benefiting from using TenForce.

This being said, hats off for our INOVYN guests, many thanks to the attendees and we look forward to hosting many more informative and (dare we say) educative sessions to help chemical and manufacturing industry leaders share best practices in achieving operational excellence.

Curious to see the full presentation of the event? Leave your e-mail here and we’ll send them to you!