8 • 10 • 2016

How TenForce Saved a Company from a Possible Disastrous Audit

A service company, in the chemical and petrochemical industry, provides the storage of liquid products such as lubricants and bio-diesel. We were doing a presales trajectory together with them. We did a workshop, a demo, showed them all sorts of different scenarios, but nothing happened.

…Until a blue Monday, they call me – : “Are your offers still valid? We need an urgent demo!”

We went there the same week and agreed on a roll-out plan for 2 modules they urgently needed. We did a super-fast implementation, 2 modules in 3 weeks. It was a new TenForce record.

Now what is the story behind this urgency?

The regular, mandatory audits imposed by the government were not successful, unfortunately for the company their action management tool was not able to oversee all the processes and they came close to losing their servicing licenses.

The auditor granted them another month before their license was revoked. With the help of TenForce, 2 modules, including the Audits module, were implemented in just 3 weeks.

Upon the arrival of the auditor, the company announced they’d implemented pmOperation. Not only was she convinced, but it only took a couple of spot checks for things to turn around. With a positive outcome, they are now continuing their services.
It shows the importance of being prepared for audits and the incomparable speed of implementation at which TenForce moves after the commercial decision.