Enable a standardized, workflow-driven, risk-based audit process, simplify work paper management, and access real-time reporting and intelligence.

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Audits play a key role in ensuring that risk management and regulatory compliance programs are effective. Many organizations are striving to enhance the efficiency of internal audit planning and execution, while also integrating audits with the risk management program. However, due to growing business complexities and regulatory requirements, the volume of audits has steadily increased.

If  you are struggling with:

  • Multiple audit demands, but limited resources;
  • Disparate solutions and spreadsheet-based systems that can no longer take the load;
  • Defining a transparent and orderly organization of the audit process;
  • Lack of visibility on audit findings and follow-up actions;

Simplify audit task management, reduce audit costs, enhance auditor productivity and collaborate better across teams and stakeholders.


Key Features of TenForce Audits Management

  • Standardization of the audit process;
  • End to end automated workflows for internal and external audits;
  • Responsive and personalized interface designed for auditors;
  • Highly configurable platform to meet your specific audit requirements;;
  • Automated task management, e-mail notifications, alerts, and escalations;
  • Mobile ready, enabling audits anywhere, anytime;
  • Insights and audit intelligence for better decisions;
  • Fast, lean, ready for the future.



The TenForce Audits Management Process

Manage the Audit Environment

  • Organize the audit process;
  • Map all auditable entities and common libraries of risks and controls and manage the relationship between them;
  • Update and maintain the audit environment and question libraries on a regular basis in response to changes in the organization, business processes, and regulations.

Audit Planning and Preparation

  • Create audit plans with a defined objective and scope;
  • Organize audits based on priorities with detailed checklists and templates based on your business process, evaluation pass or fail criteria and tasks for execution;
  • Schedule audits and assign tasks to audit team members. Automated alerts will notify all involved stakeholders of actions due and deadlines;
  • When preparing audits, previous ones can be searched, consulted, and reused.

Audit Execution and Fieldwork

  • Record findings, attach detailed observations, and add recommendations in predefined formats and templates;
  • Add supporting evidence (images) and cross-referenced work papers or other documents.
  • When the audit is done, all nonconformities and remarks are automatically handed over to the process owner in the audit report.

Follow-up on Issues and Non-Conformities

  • Findings flagged as non-conformities or remarks are automatically assigned to the designated process owner(s);
  • Prioritize and assign resources for investigation and remediation with an underlying workflow and collaboration engine;
  • Define an action plan and track the corrective and preventive actions to closure;
  • In TenForce, corrective and preventive actions are linked directly to the finding. This allows you to see all corrective actions per audit and per finding.  

Audit Task Management

  • Enable audit managers to create actions, assign them to the team and monitor their status;
  • Create tasks for control assessment and testing based on the internal audit plan;
  • Keep the audit flow on schedule through automated notifications and reminders;
  • Make sure escalations are triggered when due dates are not met;
  • Enable authorized users to reopen approved tasks, reassign or close in-progress tasks.