Pragmatic EHS & Operational Risk Management software solution.

The tool for plant managers and their teams to mitigate risk without sacrificing efficiency. View all data necessary to make the right decisions in time.

From audit and incident management, near miss data, behavioral safety and environmental compliance to operational risk management – we understand workplace health and safety processes and help you manage all actions required to protect your employees.

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Permits & Isolation

Initiate, prepare and control all permits needed to execute work in your plant. Manage isolation certificates and labels (LockOut/TagOut).


Identify and follow-up accidents, incidents and corrective actions. Organize safety meetings and define safety actions.

Management of Change

Control all work and safety aspects related to changes. Keep track of temporary changes in your plant.

Shift Management

Organize production meetings and define instruction tasks. Use the search engine to find information in the electronic logs.

Audits Management

Plan, prepare and execute internal audits. Follow-up external audits, non-conformities, preventive and corrective actions.

Maintenance Inspections

Never miss planned or preventive maintenance inspections. Follow-up all preventive and curative maintenance on your equipment.

Process Documentation

Make process documentation available for everybody. Update and approve new versions.

Competence Management

Plan and track trainings, skill management. Automatically generate a skills-matrix based on existing information.

Complaint Handling

Track customer or supplier feedback and define corrective actions. Optimize your communication.


Execute and follow-up all work related to REACH certificates. Track Safety Data Sheets (SDS).