About TenForce.

90 people
23 languages & 18 nationalities
4 offices: Belgium, Germany, Italy, US
16 industries
2 business units
4 pmX products
6 SemTech services
6,5 million revenue
20% average annual growth rate

Process and Project Management — pmX.

Identify. Plan. Control. Track. Execute.

Semantic Technology services.

Open. Link. Publish.


TenForce aims to help policy-makers at the EU Institutions to get their policies implemented and adopted effectively. On a content level, the data is verified, enriched, linked and reusable by applying the latest semantic technology, so that on a policy level our clients achieve more visibility, more accessibility, and greater efficiency.

TenForce pioneered with innovative technology and created EuroVoc, the Cellar publication flow and the EU Open Data Portal for the Publications Office. TenForce also assisted DG CNECT in completing the Open Data Support project, and we are still working with DG EMPL on the ESCO taxonomy of European Skills, Competences and Occupations, which has been launched to foster labour mobility across the EU.

In the first instance, pmProjectTeam brings control and visibility. The main objectives are visible to anybody and the contribution of different projects become clear for the complete organisation.The product is reliable and at the same time flexible. The Flemish Government benefits from the intrinsic flexibility of the product through customization of the standard set up.

LANXESS is a leading specialty chemicals company with 52 production sites worldwide. They started with pmOperation to align processes over all Belgian production sites and business units. They have expanded using different modules to strengthen their incident, audit, CAPA and MoC procedures.

Solvay is a leading chemical company with over 10.2 billion € in revenues, 26,000 employees working on 119 sites spread across 52 countries. Solvay uses pmOperation to efficiently manage all corrective and preventive actions for incidents, non-conformities, audits, and work improvement proposals.

Monument Chemical is an international, family-owned specialty chemicals company, with headquarters in Indianapolis, USA; and sites in Texas, Kentucky and Antwerp, Belgium. Due to take-overs and transitions these sites all have their own processes and tools; using pmOperation they now have the necessary solutions to enable multi-site alignment whilst keeping the local requirements and regulations.

Proximus is the largest telecom operator in Belgium with more than 10,000 employees and more than 5,000 large roadwork sites per year. Proximus uses pmSiteInspections to ensure safety and compliance on all their road-works. More than 500 on-site workers use the mobile solution to report progress and issues to their headquarters.


Tenforce is an exceptional blend of people, passion, experience and expertise.
Bastiaan Deblieck, Co-Founder
Bastiaan Deblieck profile picture Bastiaan Deblieck
Business Development Director &
Semantic Technology Unit Manager, Co-Founder
Johan De Smedt profile picture Johan De Smedt
Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder
Frans Vahaelewijck profile picture Frans Vanhaelewijck
CEO, Co-Founder
Jan Van den Nieuwenhof profile picture Jan Van den Nieuwenhof
Products Unit Manager

Mission Statement:

To create a smart, advanced and transparent workplace by delivering pragmatic solutions to our customers . We want them to work efficiently and achieve their professional targets. We develop technologically advanced software solutions which we deploy using sound methodologies and processes. We push technological boundaries. We focus on our clients’ objectives by bringing quality and dedication.


Our vision is to be the most reliable software solutions company on earth; to achieve greatness by building the perfect product and offer the best services for our clients.


At Tenforce we have a flat structure. It allows us to be responsive, adapatable and reliable. But most importantly, we are passionate about our products and services. We all share a common goal; we want to work in a non-static environment. We are not afraid of change. We like challenges and we are triggered by new technologies, new methodologies and new approaches. We are all passionate and thrive to achieve excellence.
Frans Vanhaelewijck, CEO
TenForce is a young and dynamic software company with a steady growing market. To sustain our growth we are always looking for new talent. If you are interested in joining us but haven’t found a live job that matches your skills please submit your cv to the following email address: jobs@tenforce.com. Be creative!