8 • 11 • 2016

TenForce Networking Sessions: Arlanxeo automates work permits in 6 months. No more missed expiry dates and substantial increase in safety

At TenForce we believe that happy clients are our best promoters and we are always excited when they accept to open up and share their know-how with industry peers. This time we welcomed Arlanxeo, a world-leading synthetic rubber company, that trusted pmOperation in their quest to move on from pen & paper and automate Permit to Work processes.

The session started with a brief introduction from TenForce. Jetro Wills, pmOperation Product Owner, the one in charge to keep pmOperation relevant for our clients and performing to their expectations, was there to explain the vision we have for our product and the most important industry trends that influence its development.

We knew of course that everyone was there to listen to our guests, so we cut it short and left the stage to the Arlanxeo team. They were ready to talk about what it takes to automate work permits in less than six months. The most important players in implementing pmOperation were there to share their lessons learned and practical examples:

We were amazed to see how well-prepared the entire team was and very proud to hear our clients delivering such a positive, yet pragmatic and hands-on review of the pmOperation Permits implementation.  They actually  delivered a live demonstration of how Arlanxeo is using the pmOperation tool to manage their Permits process. The audience was extremely engaged, as we witnessed one of the best Q&A sessions in a while, packed with questions coming from genuine interest and curiosity.

Here are the main takeaways of Arlaxeo’s presentation:

  • Arlanxeo’s objectives: replace all manual processes, make information accessible to everyone, standardize the work process between departments and teams, improve planning for maintenance services work. All objectives were successfully achieved through implementing the pmOperation system.
  • pmOperation provided the means for Arlanxeo to minimize the risk of errors and achieve full transparency on their process. Contradictions are automatically verified and it is possible to see all ongoing and planned work.
  • The most important pmOperation advantage: flexibility. In order to meet the continuously evolving work processes, adaptations of the configuration can be easily executed.
  • Live demo: how to work with ‘smartlists’, how a ‘standard’ permit looks like and how to structure it when transitioning from paper to software.

We’d like to take advantage of this opportunity and express our appreciation for the entire Arlanxeo team, for their effort and time spent on sharing so valuable insights. Hats off and looking forward to our next meeting!

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