27 • 7 • 2015

TenForce Summer Event: Permits to Work, Chevron Philips, Antwerp

Thanks to Chevron Phillips, TenForce had the chance to host a user group session on its permits module. The speaker, the HSE & Integration manager, assisted by two HSE specialists, spoke about permit creation and the lockout/tagout procedure. The event allowed companies such as Solvay, Eval Europe/Kuraray, IBR, Lanxess, and Indaver to observe, interact and share their knowledge.

We believe that these gatherings allow great interaction and a better understanding, it also gives us a chance to show certain aspects of the product which not everyone may have been familiar with before.

Therefore, we have decided to host a similar live session on Management of Change (MoC) at one of our customer’s site. It will be hosted in Antwerp during the month of September. More information will follow.

If you would like to be a part or suggest a topic for the future please send us an email at info@TenForce.com

Photo Credit: Tom Fisher