Process Documentation

Make process documentation available for everybody. Update and approve new versions. Collaborate in real-time.

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Documentation drives the complex workflows in the manufacturing environment. Process documentation is a roadmap for your organization—it helps you identify the current state of a process to know how you can improve it. Any task that is done more than once or completed by multiple people needs to be documented. Doing so provides consistency and allows you to monitor and revise processes as you go along.
However, making the right documentation available for all the employees is a big challenge for a company. People should be able to find all the necessary documentation instantly and unambiguously. Controlling this process will dramatically reduce overhead and increase efficiency.

Enable 24×7 Shift Communication

Keeping employees informed is easier when actions and instructions or night letters are automatically created and assigned after each production meeting. Relevant logbooks and ongoing tasks are clearly listed in role-based custom dashboards. With an interactive comment system, operators and technicians can instantly report all events during their shifts;

Move on from Pen & Paper

Storing information electronically helps operators access a historical knowledge base in order to make better, more informed decisions and keep the plant running safely and efficiently;

Boost Operational Efficiency

Digital shift logs and realtime event reporting increase productivity and reduce downtime. Critical knowledge, including open tasks; notes and other non-routine events, is collected and approved for transfer to the next shift to operate the plant safely.

Make Sure Work Gets Done

Automated action tracking ensures that all work is completed correctly and on time. Automated alerts make it easy to keep an eye for incomplete tasks that need following up.

TenForce Process Documentation Key Features

  • ऌ Real time Advanced Reports & Dashboards
  • घ Task Management: manage (create, add, update) shift tasks ad-hoc or automatically
  • ण Define your own plan of recurring production tasks, which automatically link to the correct shift
  • ज Define shift teams and schedules per production unit or line
  • द Predefined or event-type specific approvals and workflows
  • ऌ System generated logs, based on shift schedule and production lines set-up
  • द Clean audit trail on operator instructions acknowledgement
  • ऌ Automatically generated drafts for shift or production line supervisor daily logs
  • ए Integration with Process Control Alerts and Plant Information Systems
  • क Pre-filled morning or production meeting minutes , based upon events or previous shifts
  • ए Integration with other process safety areas (Incidents, Maintenance tasks, MoC etc.

80 %

increase in actions completed in each shift

10 s

to document a complete shift supervisor log report

Automate All Processes That are Critical to a Safe Shift Handover and Increase Operational Efficiency

Electronic Shift Logs and Handover

  • Schedule shifts and create logs per Production Line;
  • Electronically document shift events, observations and notes;
  • Capture asset utilization parameters;
  • Automatically deliver key information to help the next shift to operate the plant safely;
  • Take real-time action on instantly reported events during shifts.

Daily Instructions & Night Letters

  • Electronically manage KPIs, actions and instructions;
  • Create and plan instructions per topic & area with pre-defined start- and end-dates;
  • Assign ownership by role, group or individual;
  • Rule based e-mail notifications.

Production Tasks Management

  • Morning and production meetings management;
  • Plan, create and automatically assign actions and production recurring tasks.
  • Track actions via the workflow, due dates and sector information;
  • Identify incomplete tasks and missed KPIs;
  • Automated alerts.

Monitor & Report

  • Monitor centralized daily shift data and supervisor log;
  • Revise past observations on equipment or process issues;
  • Search according to type, dates and keywords;
  • Simple real time analysis of plant performance and efficiency (OEE);
  • Automate recurrent reports to management.completed.

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