Maintenance Inspections

Manage all inspection data in your plant in one centralized, mobile-enabled system.

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Years of manual, paper and Excel driven processes have left many organizations with a tremendous amount of data sprawl that is difficult to oversee. Managing a maintenance inspection process can be time-consuming. With heightened competitive pressures and increasing compliance requirements, there has never been a better time move towards automated procedures.
TenForce offers the possibility to configure a controlled process for the complete life-cycle of all your equipment. From safety and technical evaluations, via commissioning, to planned and unplanned maintenance activities that are done on your assets. All actions and documents are linked to the correct equipment and allow you to easily find back everything that ever happened on your equipment in pre-defined or customized overviews.
Never miss a planned or preventive maintenance inspections. Closely monitor the life-cycle of your equipment

Gain Complete Visibility into Inspection Performance

Manage all inspection data in your plant in a secure, centralized digital system;
Use real-time reports and customized overviews to summarize inspection information and identify trends at a glance;
Configure controlled processes with defined authorization routine for the complete life-cycle of all your equipment to achieve full traceability.

Automate your Inspection Process

Replace cumbersome paper-based systems and reduce wasted time;
Provide easy access to web-based inspection forms and checklist to user accounts to record consistent plant-wide inspection data;
Create forms and checklists, schedule inspections, record results and track corrective actions to completion.

Streamline Inspections Tasks and Drive Results

Easily identify and assign follow-up tasks related to inspection finding;
Track completion with escalating email notifications and dashboards that display completed, pending and overdue tasks.

Minimize Liability and Fulfill Compliance Requirements

Scheduled safety checks and automated alerts improve legislative and best-practice compliance, reducing risk and maximizing safety.

Get Remote Access with Mobile and Offline Functionality

Access your inspection forms and checklists remotely from any location;
Perform inspections directly from the floor of the field on your mobile device even in no-connectivity areas.

TenForce Maintenance Inspections Key Features

  • ऌ Reports & Dashboards
  • घ Task Management
  • ण Automated Action Tracking
  • ज़ Email Notifications and Alerts
  • इ Mobile & Offline Access
  • ड Configurable Forms
  • औ Secured Data Environment
  • ख 24/7 Support Team
  • स Training Platform

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